Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blogging Under Wraps

Photo by Susan Gaissert
If you are reading this, please know that I was not thinking of you when I wrote it. Blogging is my secret activity. Blog posts are trinkets I bury in the backyard. You just happen to have uncovered this one. I don't mind. In fact, I gave you a hint about where to look when I posted the link on Facebook. Still, please know that, regardless of your presence, when I am blogging, I am a complete narcissist. I am revelling in my own thoughts, all alone.

I forgive myself for it, because when I am not blogging, I often am filled with self-doubt and self-incrimination. I lead a double life. Sometimes, I find an old blog post of mine online, and I don't even recognize the person who wrote it. She's a shiny person. She's hopeful and rational. That's the gift you give yourself when you write. You make a copy of your best self that can exist apart from the human wreck who is you.

I think, therefore I am. I blog, I write, therefore I am wonderful. You just happen to have found me being wonderful, in my little blog bed, under my covers, writing by flashlight, all alone.

You can move on now. Nothing is happening here, except an act of creative synthesis. Under wraps, I am becoming my true self.


  1. This sounds familiar Susan! We write to remind ourselves who we are. When I read what you write, I remember that we're kindred spirits.

    1. Your comment came through! Thanks, Laura. I want to say "You can join me under the covers anytime you want," but here in Puritan America, too many people might think I mean that sexually. Oops! I just said it anyway. And you know what I mean because we are kindred spirits.


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