Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Photo by Steve Gaissert

Jana Llewelyn and company produce a lovely print magazine called The First Day, which published an essay of mine in their Spring/Summer 2014 issue. Today, they posted another essay by me on their equally lovely web site. I want to thank them for validating me via publication. Twice. I'll be working on future essays today, with a lot of hope in my heart.

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  1. Beautifully written essay. I understand your need to get off FB. I think I actually use it differently. I hardly ever try to friend others, mainly using it to keep in touch with relatives who live too far away. Every once in a while I like to look up a name I remember and I'm happy enough to see they are alive and well, no need to friend them. I think my natural shyness makes me assume most people won't remember me, so I like being able to check up on these people I love from the outside and then get back to my own life. :o)

    I am glad to have gotten to know you a little better on Facebook, but I'm gladder still you've gotten back to blogging instead! I miss my circle of blogging friends. Bloggers will actually read a couple of paragraphs. Facebook friends prefer a couple of sentences.

    Peace and Laughter!


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