Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have been having school dreams for over thirty years. They are common, I know, and I'm sure mine are no different from yours. My typical school dream involves being in college and being remiss. It is the end of the semester, I have never attended a particular class, and now I must somehow take and pass the final exam in said class. An impossible situation, yes? Yes. In the dream, I never even get to the point of actually taking the exam. I just wander aimlessly across the campus, trying to learn where the class meets or who teaches it. I am that far behind.

But last night I had a breakthrough in my college dream. It began with me in an even more pathetic situation than usual. I had to complete an entire college course, which I had failed to attend all semester, in a single weekend. I had to read chapters and write papers and study for the final, and I did it! I methodically went from task to task: reading the textbook, writing the first draft of the paper, studying for the final, finishing the paper. Possibility and tranquillity filled my dreaming mind.

This means something. I wonder if this will be my new school dream, or if I won't have school dreams anymore. I mean, if I can complete a college course in a weekend, I think I'm ready to graduate, you know?

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