Thursday, January 15, 2015

Before Acceptance or Rejection

This is a sweet time. It's the time right after I've sent out my work. I've checked my essay for typos and grammatical errors. I've killed all my darlings and fine-tuned my rhythms. I've studied the Submission Guidelines for whatever journal I'm wooing tonight, and I've clicked the Submit button. The plane is in the air. Nothing to do now but enjoy the view. Landing will come later.

Before acceptance or rejection, there is the good feeling of having put myself out there. As of right now, anything is possible. Acceptance, of course, would be grand, but rejection is its own reward. It puts me one step closer to acceptance, as I see it, because rejection can't be all there is out there for me.

Submitting my work is like being the little bird who made these footprints. He was hopping along the snowy path, looking for something to eat. Like him, I feel hungry and excited at the same time. What will I find along this path? Acceptance or rejection? The real accomplishment is clicking "Submit."

Photo by Susan Gaissert.


  1. Funny thing, Susan on the very morning you posted this, I heard this neat article on NPR's Morning Edition: "By Making A Game Out Of Rejection, A Man Conquers Fear." Coincidence? Here's a link to it:

  2. I love your attitude! If I ever reach a point where I have something to submit, I hope I can follow your example. Good luck for your submission!


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