Friday, January 23, 2015

"Play" is the Thing

A bold, intelligent, passionate, hardworking woman named Wendy Priesnitz runs a company called Life Media with her wonderful husband, Rolf. Together, they produce a number of excellent magazines, including Life Learning, where I have had the honor of being published, and this month they have released the first issue of a new one: Child's Play.

We've all heard that "play is a child's work." We all remember how great it felt to be a kid playing. We felt free and we thought deeply. We had fun and we laughed out loud. We got excited and we got to show it. We were in a meditative state and we didn't even know it. Child's Play is about all of that stuff and, in this age of excessive school testing and overblown sports competitions and ridiculously large amounts of extracurricular activities, everybody needs more play time in their lives!

You can download the first issue of Child's Play here. It contains an article by yours truly, one that I have always wanted to write. It's about I Love Lucy, which is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, and it shows that even Lucy and Ethel and Ricky and Fred found time to play.

Now, go kick a ball around or get out your paper dolls, please.

Photo from SG family collection.


  1. YES! What a gift! What a deal! What a wonderful person. Play's the thing!

  2. Lucy was one of my favorites growing up too! Loved the article. It got me thinking about what you said, that there is no contemporary show that regularly plays a game like bridge. The only one I could think of was Big Bang Theory. They don't tend to focus on just one game, like Bridge, but they do show the characters regularly socializing around board games, Dungeons and Dragons, made up games, and even video games (some with virtual reality to add to the play.) I do find I need games. My son goes to a monthly Teen Game Night where kids bring board and card games and often a group of parents will play Bananagrams while we wait. I enjoy that time to unwind and be around people who understand some of what I go through. It is so important.


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